“Mike Smith is a great insurance broker who has a vast knowledge of business, workers compensation, Auto, home and life insurance.  He handles all our business needs.  We don’t have to worry about a thing!”
Coach Gomez, The FIT Potato
“Mike Smith handles all my home and car insurance.  He is easy to talk to and get a hold of.  Whenever I call or text him a question, Mike responds to me right away and is always very professional! I trust him with all my insurance needs.”
Amanda Barrett
I have been insured with Michael Smith for over 18 years.  He really cares about me, his client, and makes sure that my insurance is always up to date with my changing needs.


I actually had no choice but to move…the apartment building I lived in had a fire in the middle of the night on 6/1 and we had to evacuate – thankfully my unit only had smoke damage (other units were completely gutted and/or had fire/water/smoke damage). Everyone in the building escaped, but the building itself was too damaged and rendered uninhabitable.BUT….THANKFULLY MY AMAZING INSURANCE AGENT HAD ME GET RENTERS INSURANCE!!  Only two of the 16 units had it.  Travelers took great care of me; put me up in a hotel for two months, and a Restoration company packed out and removed all of my belongings, then cleaned and removed the smoke damage, and then moved my items into my new apartment!

The person who started the fire is being investigated for negligence – and because of his action and inaction – everyone in the building had their lives changed in an instant.  But having the insurance was literally what took care of me.  They were there to pick up those pieces for me and transition me into a new home with all of my belongings intact. Whereas the people who didn’t have insurance, were quite literally left with nothing.  THANK YOU Mike.

Jessica Martin